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What's Famelent?

Famelent is a mobile app that offers the newest way to discover your interests and to share unique content that inspires you! We aim to support and empower the creative pursuits and endeavors that originate from talented minds all around this world.

Purposeful Connections. Both a social network and platform, we aspire to cultivate a link between inspiration with creativity by bringing and connecting like-minded individuals together. Connections that can make a difference and bring you closer to achieving your goals and visions in life.

Discover. Pursue and explore your inner curiosities that might bring you closer to your next passion. Become a part of an inspiring experience!

Share. Post and share content, whether your very own work or of others to express yourself in a way that reflects your lifestyle or unique perspective.

Control. Easily manage your content through our Cultural Archive System which will help you keep your content organized, while also having a choice to be private or public. Reach millions of people through your very own collections, right from your fingertips.

Features & Benefits


Free, Simple and Open

It’s completely free, and will always stay free. User-friendly design for all.



Link between Inspiration and Creativity

Find other people who share your taste or vision and connect or collaborate with others!


Show, Discover, Connect and Follow

Creative and inspiring content for everyone in one single app.


Cultural Archive System

Easily share, collect, and keep content organized with personalized folders.


Private or Public Use

Have full control of your profile, content and folders.



Personalized Control

Define your own news feed depending on your interests.


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