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Famelent App

What's Famelent?

Famelent is a mobile app offers a new way to discover your interests and share exactly what you are interested in. You can see content, people and things exactly the way you want. It is a free, simple and open social network that links inspiration with creativity together for everyone and everything. It allows you to show and share your interests, talents and skills with rest of the world, and also discover, connect and follow others like yourself. Famelent is the new way of socializing interests, talents and skills.

You can use Famelent either to show your creativity and let the world see what you can do with your talents, skills and interests, be the inspiration for others to make a difference or just follow and support others.

Our Cultural Archive System allows you to share any type of content such as photos, videos, writing, and more very easily and collect anything you like in your specified folders defined by you.

You can control your own news feed and choose what you want to see and get what is useful and interesting for you by our category system. Every user also has the option to add their own categories when they cannot find in our directory so this allows Famelent to have endless loop of categories for the users.

Famelent allows you to express yourself better and easier for describing your interests, talents and skills by letting you to have more detailed and specified content and folders very easily to find whatever you are looking for in Famelent.

Features & Benefits


Free, Simple and Open

It's completely free, always will be free. User-friendly design for all.



Link between Inspiration and Creativity

Great app to inspire and create with your talents and portfolios.


Show, Discover, Connect and Follow

All the talents of the world for everyone in a single app.


Cultural Archive System

Easily share, collect and keep organized your content in folders with predefined or self-defined categories.


Private or Public Use

You have the full control of your profile, content and folders.



Trust and Security

Define your own news feed and act freely in a safe app.


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