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Share, Discover & Save Photos and Videos That Matter

What is Famelent?

Famelent is a new kind of social media app that continually evolves with your personality and unique content.

We built Famelent where you can look for personalized, good quality and relevant content that matters and has a meaning to make a difference, create conscious and make the world a better place for good.

Just some of the things on Famelent that you can:

  • Share photos and videos to be able to make them more personalized, hyper focus and interactive.
  • Create folders. Save your photos and videos into your folders to organize, keep together and manage. Folders help you to categorize and personalize your content. You can use folders also to create cultural archives.
  • Choose different categories to personalize and customize both your news feed that appears on home and, discover people and content on discovery. Follow contents what exactly appeal to your interests. No more content pollution.
  • Search users, posts and folders with a key word. No more hashtags. Our search box will show you everything that related with your key word.
  • Send messages to your friends via direct message (DM).
  • Find like-minded people who may share the same or similar interests and lifestyle like yours to build connections, friendships or relationships.

  • Famelent is a trusted, secure, safe and transparent social media app with full of freedom that open to everyone.

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