Grow your business with us in college ecommerce.

  • Reach more than 20 million college students.

  • Direct access to their $417 billion spending power.

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    Sell Products Online to Millions of College Students

    Winning new customers means growing your online business and the best new customers are students.

    Reach Famelent’s enormous and passionate community of college students.

    Our aim is to offer the simplest marketplace that makes selling easy, stress-free, profitable and fun for all sellers around the world.


    Students are our future

    The global student population is 208m. This number will be around 262m in 2025. Today’s students are the future doctors, scientists, lawyers, founders and CEOs with the highest lifetime value of any consumer segment. Your best customers of the future are the students of today.


    Students are precious

    Transitioning from parent dependent to independent life, students are ready to purchase and try your products. Their average income of $1,200 per month which is $14,4000 per year means that students have discretionary 40% higher spending than the average US household.


    Students are loyal

    Students are building their first brand and product relationships right now and these affinities can last a lifetime. Millennial and Generation Z loves to share and they are ready to share their affinities with friends and family. They have a big network.

    Grow Your Online Business in a Whole Different Level

    Millennial and Generation Z are hard to reach. They have turned traditional sales upside down.

    They block ads any chance they get, read their news on social media, do most of their things online and don’t watch TV a lot.

    Traditional sales channels doesn’t work with them – but FAMELENT has the solution to help you grow easily.

    Increase Conversion


    Generate Higher AOV


    Grow Total Revenue


    Gain New Customers


    Consumer Purchase Power


    Product Abandonment


    Doing Business on Famelent is Easy

    Step 1

    List your products

    Uploading your products is really simple through our easy control panel. We also help you put together an attractive catalog and listing to highlight your products. Our industry experts will help you.

    Step 2

    Sell internationally

    Maximize your online sales by attracting more buyers globally and achieve higher conversion rates. Reach beyond your expectations. Promotions, advertising, easy dashboard, analysis reports and more.

    Step 3

    Ship globally with ease

    Enjoy hassle-free shipping of your products with our shipping and logistics partners and services. Powerful packaging and labeling support. Dedicated service prioritizing vendor satisfaction.

    Step 4

    Earn bigger & faster

    Gain more customers from all around the world by turning them into your all-time-regular customers, and make big profits. Get your payments fast and secure either weekly or monthly on your choice.

    Start Selling on Famelent

    Millions of new college students become financially independent every single year.

    Student have $471 billion spending power in the US alone.

    Partner with us and start selling your products online on Famelent from anywhere in the world.

    Here are some of the features that we think that you’ll love.

    • No listing fee
    • Adding new products to the Famelent catalog
    • Customer service, shipping and fulfillment
    • Seller protection
    • Fraud protection
    • Top placement on product detail pages
    • 3D/AR product listing
    • Video promotion/advertising
    • Bulk listing and reporting tools
    • Personalized Seller/Vendor financing options
    • Control what you sell and where
    • Manage business from a single seller account
    • Customize your shipping rates
    • Gift wrap and special promotions options
    • Seller/buyer arbitration